Are you ready for your Ballet Début?

What’s on offer:

  • Ballet classes for children from 3 years of age
  • Ballet and Pilates classes for adults from Beginners to Advanced
  • Royal Academy of Dance Exams
  • American Academy Performance Awards
  • Concerts
  • Fully qualified teachers
  • Ballet teacher training programmes, guidance and mentoring
  • Competitive fees and discounts available.
  • No registration fees
  • Free parking

We are a specialised studio, focusing on the Royal Academy of Dancing ballet for both children and adults.

Our children start learning this beautiful art form from the age of 3. They have fun in class, while learning the very basics of ballet including how to turn out their feet, running on their tippy toes, and the basic demi plié. They develop their core strength and flexibility, improve their musicality and learn the general etiquette of a ballet class. We use lots of props to give the class a more dynamic aspect and encourage improvisation to gain confidence and use of imagination. Our children are entered into RAD exams, participate in concerts, and we hold Open Days in the studio once per term.

For our adult students, we offer a unique experience by dividing up our classes into different levels. We do not teach general ballet classes, we cater for each class individually. Our classes range from Beginner level, to Intermediate and Advanced. We also offer one-of-a-kind fitness classes, which include Ballet and Pilates (Progressive Ballet Technique), plus Pointe work and Body Conditioning. These classes strengthen your ballet technique, improve your fitness levels and flexibility. All of our teachers are fully qualified through the RAD.

We encourage our students to live their lifelong dream of being a ballerina by performing in our concerts. This is a testimonial from one of our Silver Swans, Janet Keating, who recently took to the stage:

Growing up in England as a “War Baby” and one of six children there was very little in the budget to allow me the ballet instruction I so wanted. That yearning remained with me for more than 70 years until I found Catherine Bam!
Cath’s gentle coaxing, encouragement and huge amount of patience with her “Silver Swan” classes have fulfilled my lifelong ambition to enjoy being as good a ballet dancer as I ever will be and I am so grateful. Thank you Catherine !

We have a class for you, so please check our Classes tab to find the one that suits you.